The Tragedy of Grenfell Tower

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It  has been more than a year since the terrifying and devastating fire that caused the death of 72 people and injured another 70 people in Grenfell Tower block in North Kensington, west of London in the UK. This was the first but not the last building that was engulfed in flames fueled by combustible cladding.

Residents had expressed concerns before the fire, as recently as June 2016 an independent assessment highlighted 40 serious issues with fire safety in the building. The cladding used in this tower increased the speed at which the fire spread and made it near impossible for firefighters to control.

This fire, along with other major building fires, in particular the hospital in Istanbul and the residential apartment block in Melbourne have all been identified as having combustible cladding on their exteriors. The risk is world-wide and over the past few years the severity of the problem and urgency of rectifying it has increase tenfold.

In Australia, Melbourne's Lacrosse apartment building suffered significant damage following a major external cladding fire in November 2014.

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