The team at Clad Cure has been working in the remedial building industry for more than 30 years, identifying and rectifying a range of building issues including concrete cancer, age related issues, fire and safety issues, and other remedial building services. We understand the importance of compliance and safety, which is why we have recently turned our attention to cladding compliance. We work with building owners to not only make sure their buildings are compliant, but that the building will retain its value and, of course, keep occupants safe.

Due to recent changes in government legislation, cladding has become our major focus. The urgency of ensuring the safety of buildings that have ACP or other combustible facade materials has now become legislation - which means building owners and strata managers must act now to address the issue and get expert advice on each of their buildings.

Clad Cure has created a consistent methodology and approach for assessing and reporting the risk, so that building owners can effectively communicate to all stakeholders including building residents, body corporate and insurance companies, about the current situation and what steps are required to address any compliance issues.

As Clad Cure has created their approach based on the Insurance Council of Australia protocol, building owners and managers can be assured that the reports produced will be consistent across all jurisdictions, and will meet the needs of their insurers. Most importantly - once any issues are addressed - working with Clad Cure will deliver safer buildings, and peace of mind.



Clad Cure has developed a simple and easy method for building owners and strata managers to obtain accurate and actionable information in relation to cladding compliance. However, we don’t stop there - we provide a whole range of compliance services.

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Contact Clad Cure to find out more about our service. Your comprehensive compliance report will allow you to be ready and armed with the right information to comply with new legislation. Clad Cure offers a free half hour phone consultation to discuss your specific needs.