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New environmental planning and assessment regulations have come into effect to ensure buildings meet certain safety requirements - in particular, buildings containing combustible aluminium composite panels (ACP) and other combustible facade materials. Under the regulations, owners of buildings with external combustible ACP are required to register their buildings with the NSW Government, and to confirm the safety of their buildings and occupants.

Governments are focused on potential risk, exposure and safety. The deadline for registration was 22 February 2019. By now you will have registered your building and are now considering the next steps.

Our team of remedial building experts will not only review and report on your cladding compliance situation, we will also re-clad your building in the safest, most cost-effective way.


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Our review process includes initial consultation, reviewing and understanding your current situation. You may have already established that your building has a compliance issue or you may require testing and assessment of your building.  We are remedial building experts and can work with you to ensure correct and accurate testing.

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Once compliance testing has been conducted, we will provide a prepare a comprehensive compliance report along with recommendations of action required. We can also provide a report outlining any other non-compliance or maintenance recommendations.

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If it has been established that your cladding is not compliant, our experienced construction team can re-clad your building with fully compliant material.



At Clad Cure, our mission is to keep people safe. We do this by equipping building owners with an efficient and accurate compliance reporting process, designed to identify and address non-compliance issues. We help you understand your cladding compliance requirements and other non-compliance issues, so you can be informed and pass on the correct information to all stakeholders of the building you own or manage.



Clad Cure has developed a simple and easy method for building owners and strata managers to obtain accurate and actionable information in relation to cladding compliance. However, we don’t stop there – we can carry out re-cladding work and any other maintenance and remedial services that may be required.